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Dr. Diane Wong and her team at G Medi Spa believe that their patients' satisfaction and safety come first. They are a small, dedicated medical team in the Town of Aurora. After practicing cosmetic medicine in-depth for over 20 years, and founding Glow Medi Spa with multiple locations in downtown Toronto, Markham and Aurora, Dr. Wong decided to go back to the grass roots of what made her so successful and happy in her practice.  At G Medi Spa, they provide personalized care with the highest standards and ethics. They take the time to listen to you, develop a relationship, and earn your trust. In fact, G Medi Spa carefully selects their exclusive clientele to ensure everyone is on the same page (keeping it natural and using the "baby steps approach") and that they are able to meet and even exceed your expectations.

Learn About the G Medi Spa Brand.

Dr. Diane Wong was the founder and owner of “Glow Medi Spa” for over 20 years. With multiple large locations in Toronto, Markham, and Aurora, Dr. Wong decided to do what many entrepreneurs had to do during the pandemic with multiple, lengthy shutdowns; she downsized her Aurora clinic and stayed close to her home. She sold the largest of her locations which were in Yorkville (downtown Toronto) and in Markham.

Dr. Wong now operates "G Medi Spa" (no longer affiliated with Glow Medi Spa) at a new location in Aurora! G Medi Spa offers a highly personalized service to our clientele in a cozy, professional setting. We are located in a small house tucked away in the centre of "downtown" Aurora on Wellington St. across from the GO Train station. The location suits her clients' need for convenience and discretion and they love the free parking!

Dr. Diane Wong proudly displays her name on her signs to highlight that she is the owner and medical director of G Medi Spa in Aurora and practices with the highest standards and accountability.

Our Team

Dr. Diane Wong carefully selects and trains her team to be representative of g Medi Spa.  Each individual at g Medi Spa upholds our Mission Statement and has our clients’ best interest at heart. All staff members are also chosen for their professionalism, caring nature, and a genuine passion for their work. Consistently, our clients note that our staff members are exceptional and that is what makes g Medi Spa truly special.

Each team member is provided with thorough training and continual updates on advancements in their field to ensure client safety and satisfaction.  The team is supervised full time by Dr. Wong. We work closely together to meet all our clients’ needs efficiently, thoroughly, and with great care. Our warm, friendly, and knowledgeable staff members ensure that all clients feel welcome and special.

Our Clientele, Our Focus

We cater to a discerning clientele who value personalized, quality service. We build and retain our clientele through great care, trust, word-of mouth referrals, and the delivery of optimal results. Our clients are discreet and prefer subtle results with little to no down-time or pain.

At G Medi Spa, we achieve excellent results with our grass-roots treatments while simultaneously embracing the benefits of regenerative medicine with cutting-edge treatments in medical aesthetics. We excel at the "bread and butter" of medical aesthetics and we believe in the safety and efficacy of the services and products we recommend.  We focus on "lunch-time treatments" to suit our clients' needs.

Our Services, Technologies and Products

Neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport injections, and dermal fillers, like Restylane and Juvederm injections, remain the cornerstone of our practice. We also embrace the power of regenerative medicine with injectable treatments to stimulate collagen production eg. Sculptra, as well as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). A personal consultation with Dr. Wong will help you to determine if injectable treatments are right for you.

To further your aesthetic goals, we offer a comprehensive menu of skin treatments to improve the quality of your skin. Our Registered Nurse is also a highly trained and experienced medical aesthetician. In addition to injectables, she also performs all the medical aesthetic treatments at G Medi Spa. Our most popular and effective treatments are: Ulthera (ultrasound treatment creating new deep collagen for lifting), microneedling for stimulating collagen in the upper layers of your skin resulting in improved skin quality, Intense Pulse Light (IPL) or BBL (Broad Band Light) for treating superficial redness, brown spots, and for collagen stimulation, OxyGeneo and chemical peels for exfoliation, and Radiofrequency treatments for tightening and toning.

We also place great emphasis on medical-grade skin care products. All our staff are able to assist you to develop a customized skin care programme. We believe in the synergy of treatments and products to achieve the best results. Seeing is believing!

Our Name, Our Brand, Our Logo

Dr. Diane Wong renamed her clinic “Glow Medi Spa” in 2005. The choice of name was simple.  Each and every day, a client would comment on their “glowing skin” after having a treatment at our medical spa. Their friends would notice and there grew our business through word-of-mouth.
In October 2011, Glow Medi Spa expanded and relocated to a beautiful 4,000 square feet state-of-the art clinic, remaining in the heart of Yorkville, “Toronto’s Beauty Capital” to better serve the needs of our growing clientele.
In the Fall of 2016, Glow Medi Spa opened a second location in the town of Aurora, Ontario, to accommodate our loyal clients living north of the city. The setting is tranquil within a beautiful 3,000 sq. ft. Victorian house converted to a medical spa. Conveniently located at 15435 Yonge St., Glow Medi Spa Aurora provides personalized injectable and medical aesthetic treatments in a private, suburban setting.
Glow Medi Spa’s newest location in Markham is situated within the beautiful Hilton Suites Hotel in Markham (8500 Warden Avenue). With over 7,300 sq. ft. of pure luxury, our Markham location takes beauty, wellness, and luxury one step further, providing an ultimate, expanded menu of spa services in addition to injectable and medical aesthetic treatments.

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Voted The Top Medi Spa in Canada by Spa Inc. and Spa Industry Association of Canada under the name 'Glow Medi Spa'