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Injectable prescription drugs that are regulated by Health Canada. You must have an in-person consultation with Dr. Diane Wong prior to receiving Botox or Dysport injections. You may then have your treatment and follow up with either Dr. Wong or her RN. You may make a request. It is recommended you attend a follow up appointment in 2-3 weeks after your very first Botox treatment so we can assess the results and provide a "touch-up" if needed. We will take photographs before and after treatments. They remain confidential in your medical records. Do not worry if you are new to all of this. The majority of our clients seen in Aurora are newbies too, or "Botox virgins". Most are nervous about risks or what they will look like after the treatment. They are afraid of looking stiff or frozen or "done". Our philosophy and approach is to keep it natural. Dr. Wong will do a personal consultation which usually is 30-45 minutes, after which you may have a treatment if you feel comfortable and ready. Your actual treatment takes only about 5-10 minutes. There is a consultation fee which is waived or reimbursed if you do decide to go ahead. However, you are not obliged to do a treatment. Many people are unaware that the name "Botox" is now commonly used to refer to any neuromodulator. But in fact, In Canada there are about half dozen brands which are approved for use. The most common in North America are Botox and Dysport. Dr. Wong only uses these two brands which are tried and true, and effective with a very high safety profile. Both have been studied and used for over twenty years. Neuromodulators treat dynamic wrinkles which are caused by muscles when they contract or over-activate. Neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport "relax" the muscles to create a more relaxed appearance which is less angry, stressed, or tired-looking. Your eyes typically look brighter as well, as if you have more energy. Results typically take a few days to 2 weeks and last 3-4 months. Most clients are extremely happy with the results as they look natural but more rested and vibrant. Common areas to treat are the dynamic muscles of the face. The Health Canada approved uses include the frown lines between the brows (often called the #11's), as well as the horizontal forehead lines, and the crow's feet around the eyes (laugh lines). The cost for your treatment depends on the areas treated and the muscle activity. Each person is different. Typically each area treated costs about $250-$300 so the complete upper face typically ranges from $500-$750. There are other areas in which Botox or Dysport can be injected such as into the masseter muscles to slim the lower face shape and to decrease the discomfort or temporomandibular (TMJ) pain you can get by repetitively clenching or grinding your teeth. Dr. Wong will discuss the risks/benefits in your face-to-face, in-person consultation. The sterile, disposable needles we use are very tiny and there is little discomfort. We are extremely gentle, experienced and considerate of your comfort level. We never rush. We pay close attention to your needs. There usually is no down-time caused by bruising or redness but you are restricted for four hours following the treatment. You cannot rub at the treated area or lie down or exercise strenuously for four hours. To note, do not shower or wash your face or hair for four hours after, or get a hair cut since you may inadvertently rub at your face or lean back too far. These restrictions aim to reduce the risk of eyelid ptosis (droop). Adverse events are very unlikely to occur with following these instructions. You are provided with our clinic cellphone number where you can call or text us if you have any questions or concerns.

Neuromodulators are injectable prescription drugs that are regulated by Health Canada and are used to relax muscles, giving a more refreshed and well-rested appearance. Patients must be seen by a physician prior to receiving injectable cosmetic treatments.

Dr. Wong and her Registered Nurses fully assess each client’s own individual facial features and listen to each client’s desires and expectations. Treatments are customized to each client.

At Glow Medi Spa, we pride ourselves on achieving natural-looking results using a "baby steps approach". If you prefer a gradual enhancement, we will take things one baby step at a time.We want you to be completely comfortable, well-informed, and satisfied and encourage you to take part in developing your treatment plan. We want you to be completely comfortable, well-informed, and satisfied. Our goal is to have you look and feel your natural best.

Our reputation speaks for itself. Dr. Wong has been an advanced injector for over 18 years and has long been recognized as one of the top cosmetic injectors in Canada. She utilizes the most advanced techniques and regularly participates in the highest level educational seminars and clinical workshops. She supervises and trains her Registered Nurses to carry out the same top level of quality service with excellent results and high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Neuromodulators we provide at Glow Medi Spa are Botox and Dysport. During each individual consultation we will determine which one is best suited for each client’s needs and desired result.

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